Every roof needs a support, beams, pillars or scissors. The latter not only fulfill structural function but also serve as a decorative element when they become apparent. Get to know some models that draw attention inside the houses.

By Deborah Apsan, Elena Caldini (visual) e Lucila Vigneron Villaça (text)

Joint frame is featured in this design of the American office Caddis | Credit: Dan O'Connor

One question is basic: know that the scissors can be made of wood or metal, and yet combine both materials. They can also adopt this or that drawing, which has to do not only with aesthetics but with functionality. All of these definitions will depend on the architectural design and calculations performed by a specialist. The main variables are the size of the span to be overcome by the structure, the section of each of the components of the roof and the shears, and the weight of the roof (until the material and model of the tile influence that account).

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If you are building a house but have a tight budget for the work, there are some outlets for roof construction that make the job cheaper and faster to run. A good tip is building the roof of a water as it is A type of roof that has only one drainage face, very fast to be built and, if well structured, can make the construction much more beautiful.

For the execution of a roof of a water it is necessary to make a gable around the construction - this gable is usually made of bricks - and in this way the construction is simple and fast to be executed.It is interesting to make a slab under The construction as well so you can store your water box under the house. Please note: if this is your option, keep in mind that the gauge should be higher than your water tank, as you should be able to open it for any cleaning and maintenance.

After making the gable is necessary to install the timber. For the roof of a water with gable material, the necessary timber is usually formatted by rafters and slats, but depending on the type of tiles chosen to slats are also expendable.

As already mentioned above, it is possible to choose two types of roof tiles for this type of roof, fiber cement tiles or ceramic tiles and for each of them there are advantages and disadvantages. For fiber cement tiles the advantage is in the price of construction And also in the practicality of installation of materials. In ceramic tiles the advantages are: the beauty of the work and the longer life of the materials, since the ceramic tiles are more resistant.

The disadvantages of asbestos cement tiles are the thermal sensation inside the residence and also in the maintenance that, in cases of cities with heavy hail rain, frequent changes of tiles or splicing may be necessary. The disadvantages of ceramic tiles are: heavier tiles and they need the installation of slats for their assembly, which is also much more time consuming than fiber cement, however, the maintenance is less and its thermal sensation is much more pleasant.

The height of the slab should be at least 1.5m from the height of the shower, this is important so that the water pressure coming from the water box is acceptable for the shower and taps of the residence.

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